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Little Girl Plays with Dead Squirrel

17 May

This just straight up reminds me of my childhood. Not that there is a video of me floating around anywhere playing with a dead squirrel, but guaranteed there are several videos of my sisters and I playing with dead animals or doing something disgusting. In fact, Rikki and I used to play dung frisbee with the dried up disks of cow shit we used to find in the hills of San Luis Obispo, right off Corrida Avenue.  Nancy loves reminding me of the time that I “wrote a note to the bum who lives here to come back at 8pm so I can give him more pants and a blanket.”

‘Here’ being the park bench near our house.  Apparently I had found a pair of disgusting old pants on the bench and decided that he needed more. I was most likely going to just help myself to my dad’s pants.