Ball Ass Rolling

16 Jun

Yeah you wanna know what that’s all about, don’t you?

It’s about Jim.

In high school I was on the dance team and every other year ripped one of my hamstrings, up where it connects in your butt. Splits, high kicks, and leaps will do that to you.

I used to have to bring a pillow to class to sit on, but that was before I just started bringing my own foldy camping chair to every class. God bless Lincoln High School, and Portland, Oregon for that matter.

So since I’ve been seeing Jim and Walker and Forest and C. Barre, (I know. I’m a player. But I just get bored so easily I need to switch it up every day) my ‘strings are all messed up again and hurtin.’

Hurtin’ real bad.

After my session with Jim and before Walker last night, I sat down on a hard weight ball, and rolled my ass and back thigh around on it.

I learned this from my physical therapist in high school.

I also learned that ultrasounds feel fantastic on your muscles, and that frozen cups of ice rubbed on your ass until it’s all melted DOESN’T.

Anyways, I found myself telling my gal pal about my ball ass rolling and felt that that would be an amazing title to, well, anything.  But I used it for a blog post.

By the way, all the guys I’m dating are forms of exercise.

That came out wrong.

I’m using Personification, ok. Putting human qualities in, well, types of exercise. So it’s a version of personification, alright.  Jim is gym, Walker is walking, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

My dad can finally let out the breath he’s holding reading this. Don’t worry dad! Still as single as you can get!!


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