Wah Wah Wahhh….

15 Jun

Okay, okay, I know, ugh.

You trusted me and I wasn’t there.

I’ve just been really busy with my new boyfriend, Jim (read: gym).

He’s just really needy and clingy and when I get off work I have to go spend at least and hour with him or I feel really guilty. So because I’ve been spending so much time with Jim, I haven’t been experiencing too much life to turn around and make fun of the next day…

But for the last two nights I’ve watched I Love You, Man. And, I love it, man.

There are all these behind the scenes and how it’s made special features that had me cracking up loudly while I laid in bed alone.

And then I got really frustrated and depressed that I’m not improving on set, or anywhere, except in real life, audienceless.

Oh well, that won’t get me anywhere! Once my relationship with Jim pays off and I’m dangerously thin (I wish), I’ll have saved enough monies to pay for acting classes.

K I’m bored already/again.



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