Happy My Birthday – A Confession…

12 May

Hello everyone. Happy My Birthday.

The year was 2000. The age, turning 14.

My partner in crime: Caroline.

The scene: probably somewhere at Caroline’s house, I usually was there.

When you are a 13 year old girl, you are absolutely bizarre. You are boy obsessed, and I mean to the point of it being unhealthy, and you think you can do anything.

So there we were, a couple of insane middle school girls, talking about the most exciting thing: boys, birthday parties, and ourselves.

I told Carol, that’s what I call her because it’s SO not her, how much fun a surprise birthday party would be. My birthday was coming up so we were trying to figure out what we should do. When you’re in middle school the only awesome thing that happens are dances and parties. All you look forward to is getting dressed up in your finest glitter outfits, twist your hair into butterfly clips, wear platform foam flip flops and light purple eyeshadow with no eyeliner. This was all to impress each other, Look at my enormous B cup boobs girls, did you get your period yet, because I obviously did, and the boys, ohhh the boys. How badly we wanted to slow dance to Stairway to Heaven with our crush, to be in their balled up, sweaty hands for 7 minutes…

Anyways, a surprise party.

It started out innocently enough.

I just mentioned that a surprise party would be amazing.

One thing lead to another and we came up with a guest list together, if I were to be surprised with one.

Then it got bad. Really bad. We took it from hypothetical, to very very real.

It started as two girls giggling on a bed with boys and dancing on their minds, saying “what if?!” to a cold, hard reality.

After I was heavily involved with the guest list, we decided when the best day would be. And that’s when it spiraled out of control.

I made the invitations, and Caroline mailed them out.

And the ball was set in motion.

The day of my birthday party, my two very amazing friends, Sam and Michelle, took me shopping to this new amazing boutique, Forever 21, that had recently opened in Pioneer Place Mall. They picked me up at my front door, having no idea that I had just spent two days decorating my basement for my surprise birthday party.

We went to Forever 21 and I was immediately on the lookout for my perfect surprise party outfit: a green camo mini skirt and a slinky green top. I paid for it and left the store wearing it.

Sam and Michelle must have thought, Well that was easy?

You guys, I can’t even… WHAT WERE WE THINKING!? Who helps throw themselves a surprise party!?

And obviously my parents were in on all of it, so they must have thought I was insane, which I was.

I even burned all the mix CDs to dance to…

Caroline remembers making sure everyone that was hiding downstairs remained as absolutely quiet and still as possible “Like it mattered!” she says, as they waited quietly in the dark for me to stumble upon a party in my basement.

I have always been dramatic. Not when it comes to relationships, or friendships, or things that really matter, but when it comes to being theatrical. I’ve always loved that performance high, even in daily life. Back then I just hadn’t learned how to control it and when it was incredibly innappropriate. Incredibly inappropriate to plan your own surprise party.

To quote Jenna from 30 Rock: I know the Tony rules because I’ve been petitioning for them to add a category for living theatrically in normal life.

I know my friends from middle school/high school are reading this, remembering being at the party, and thinking that I am some crazy selfish bitch.

To you lovely people who I still love today, 13-going-on-14 Kate was definitely crazy. Caroline and I realized early on that we were going over the top, and made a vow to never tell anyone until our senior year of high school, when we would tell our lovely Sam and Michelle what we did… and no one else.

Senior year came and went and we still didn’t have the nerve to tell them. It was only Freshman year of college when we were visiting Caroline at U of O did we get drunk and spill our secret. And even 5 years later they were pissed. And rightly so!

I don’t remember the actual party much. I just remember all the planning that went into my surprise birthday party, that ended up feeling like I was surprising everyone else, I was the one keeping the secret.

One of my friends, during the party, said they thought that I’d found out after walking up to people holding invitations at lunch.

Nope, I found out when I planned it.


One Response to “Happy My Birthday – A Confession…”

  1. sister May 12, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    hahahaha that is great. I didn’t know this either….I distinctly remember this party!! Hilarious!!!! And you were all dressed up? You are soooo funny. I can’t wait for your suprise lunch brithday today ahaha

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