3 May

You may have heard that Yvette Vickers, a Playboy Playmate and B-movie star of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Attack of the Giant Leeches, was discovered dead and mummified in her Beverly Hills home last week at age 82. They are saying that she was probably in there for a YEAR before anyone found her…

I was reading DListed, a favorite gossip site of mine, and DIED (not literally) after reading this. We’ll discuss more after you read:

Yvette Vickers

Submitted by colt13 on Tue, 05/03/2011 – 10:24am.
This might be me one day. I like my space, and I am single, so it would probably be a week before they found me. Postman would probably find me when all of those donation letters clog up my box.

I have a feeling that might be my fate too. Oh well you have to live life on your own terms and be happy right? You’ll be dead and off to whatever is the next great adventure so won’t really give a flyin crap.
I remember when I was a kid this man a street over from us wiped out his entire family. It didn’t take very long to sell the house. I don’t know if realtors have to disclose this type of information but I think they figured it out because whenever kids went by they would yell MURDER HOUSE! MURDER HOUSE!

HA! Hahahahaha! Ahahaha. Ha ohhh. Hahaha.

Obviously all of this is really sad, but how creepy is this WHOLE comment?!

1. “I will probably die like this.” She/he’s not kidding, either. They go on to explain how serious they are, and then rationalize loneliness to themselves/to anyone who will listen.

2. “A man murdered his whole family across the street when I was a kid.” This is just sad. But she’s not phased by it because

3. “It sold quickly.” Gross.

4. “MURDER HOUSE!” Ah!!! This is the best part!

This comment starts out really apathetic and sad and then somehow turns in to screaming MURDER HOUSE!

The best part, is how easy it is to visualize this situation.

It’s the 40’s or 50’s.  Kids on their bikes, riding around in packs through their new suburban neighborhoods, wearing pastels and hair gel and the best part of that summer was that a family got murdered across the street and they get to yell MURDER HOUSE all day long.

Thank you lady. (I’ve decided it’s a lady, because I really don’t think a man would write about dying alone, much less be reading DListed as an older person…)


One Response to “MURDER HOUSE!”

  1. Tracy May 3, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    How to do you hear about these strange things? I never heard about this 82 yr. old woman!!! I’ve downloaded CNN on my phone so I can be informed and terrified a little more often. Sorta like 2 days ago when I went on CNN to hear the big announcement that Obama was going to make in the next 3 mins. to the WORLD!!! The CNN news reporter said it had to be of utmost importance because Obama wouldn’t come on the air at 10:30 on a Sunday night unless it was extremely urgent! He said, “Do not leave your television sets, stay tuned because this was extremely important!l I was remembering a movie where this happened, forgot what it was called, but it was about a meteorite heading towards the WORLD!! So, I thought it was either that or a missile and I knew LA was a target, or at least I had heard that a missile could reach LA from some other country…forgot which one! All I knew was that you and Nancy had better get together quickly so that you weren’t alone in the END! Ugh! I really hate that you both are in LA where the air pollution is the worst in the country and the fact it’s a missile target since the population is 9,000,0000 people and that there’s a high probability of a big earthquake possibly followed by a tsunami!! Why can’t you girls just be average, normal people that return to their safe home towns once they graduate? It was bad enough having you go to school where the crime rates were the highest in the country (New Orleans/NYC). Hearing your college advisors tell you to just hand over your wallet when they pull a gun on you…Or evacuate as you are instructed to during the biggest Hurricane disaster on record. Or Nancy running to shelter after seeing gunman shooting in her Brooklyn neighborhood as she walks home from the subway. Or a guy pulling his wang out of his pants in her face, right next to me on the subway!!! I suppose these will be mildly traumatic situations when comparing them to what your kids will be doing! But, I can’t wait to see what you two do when you are moms!!!

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