College Part II

29 Apr

Oh when the weather gets nice!

I’ve started accidentally calling my home/apartment a dorm room.

As in:

“Yeah, I gotta just run home and grab my backpack outta my dorm and then I’ll head over.”


“It was so hot in my dorm room last night…”

I was just telling my gal pal who lives in Portland how nice the weather here in L.A. is right now and that when I get home from work I open my door just like everyone else on my floor and in the apartments around me. And then I realized I was describing a dorm.

My life is repeating, starting from January 2006.

-I’m just starting school again.

-I have homework and a ‘backpack’ (I’ve actually not had a backpack since middle school, I know it’s bad but I’ve always been the girl with books in her arms and four bags/purses hanging off her.)

-I don’t have a kitchen

But I do have a bathroom and 3 closets

I have one room total that I can claim as mine

Except that back when I was in real college I actually had friends, a social life, and was much thinner.

My mom has always told me that when you graduate college you get really skinny, and I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have it in me to be a starving artist or be anything but lavishly surrounded by yummy food items, that did NOT happen to me.

I, like, totally want a boyfriend and like, wanna get drunk and makeout.


That’s depressing.

Living in the heart of Boy Town won’t help with any of that, except maybe to get really thin and tan. These gay guys are some serious thinspiration: they either look 1. Starving or 2. Like if they accidentally bumped into you on the sidewalk, you might fly 30 feet from the sheer force of their biceps.

College, Part I was awesome.

I hope College, Part II gets just as awesome!

Hahahaha. Oh shit.


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