Rikki Fails at Happy Hour

21 Mar



Rikki and I went out last night for happy hour. We walked into our second location of the night and as we are being seated, the hostess asks us what type of water we’d like, tap water, bottled still, or bottled sparkling.

Rikki’s face twisted into a horrified expression, like, HOW DAAARREEE YOU ASK ME WHAT KIND OF WATER I’D PREFER!!!!!! And honestly I was taken aback by her expression of pure dismay.

“Tap water is fine, thank you.” I reply.

“What kind of fish did you order? Tilapia?” Says Rikki.

“No Rig, TAP WATER.”

So begins round two of Happy Hour.

Our server then comes up and asks us what we’d like to drink.

K: “I’ll take the Malbec, please.” 

R: “Ummmmm I’ll have a Heineken… with a lemon.”

Server: “Would you like a glass for that?”

R: “Ummm yes?”

Server walks away.

K: “Really? You put a lemon in Heineken?”

R: “Did I just order a Heineken?!”

And that’s how this picture came to be…


One Response to “Rikki Fails at Happy Hour”

  1. Tracy March 21, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    Oh poor girl has my syndrome!!!

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