Tabitha Green.

17 Feb

Why is it that everyday around mid afternoon, I want to snuggle up and watch a movie with a glass of wine? Is it because I’ve been sitting at a desk for four hours watching various TV shows and movies, and right after lunch and a midday cup o joe, I’m ready for a nap?

During the middle of the day, I want to relax, kick back, and enjoy myself, but the instant I get off work, I feel like I have a million things I need to do, starting with wanting to fly home over the traffic instead of sit in it for an hour.

Last night I went to my first yoga class at the gym I just signed up for. It was great! I’m so glad that I don’t have to pay even more monies for yoga!  I really really love yoga. It takes me back to my dancing days, which I love and miss oh so much.  I am pretty good at yoga, which also makes me feel good at myself. When it comes to exercise, specifically with a group of people, I become competitive. I want to seem like I’m in perfect shape and can perfectly execute each move.  I know.

After about 45 minutes of moves and positions that I easily maneuvered my body into, my teacher grabbed her leg, balanced on her hands, stuck her toes through her arms balanced on her elbows with her legs in the splits above her head and then came to a stop, and looked at us like “Your turn!”

Naturally, I imitated exactly what she had just done, completely incorrectly, with a large dose of slapstick sarcasm.  She started cracking up, and that’s when I realized, I need a camera. I nice camera. I have so many ideas for hilarious short videos. I must make a faux yoga instructional DVD with me acting like a complete spazz, yet straight faced and calming.  I cannot wait. Get ready for Tabitha Green. I feel like starting a PayPal ‘Camera Donation’ Fund on this blog so I can start raising money to get a camera!

Anyone have any knowledge of a great camera to get? It’s time I make my video dreams a reality for the world…


One Response to “Tabitha Green.”

  1. Mom February 17, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Cracking up over the thought of this!!! Can’t wait, can you distort your entire body into some of the Apple characters while you do it…that would be the best!!

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