The 53rd Annual Grammys, Part 3 (and Other Ramblings)

11 Feb

This is my third day at the Staples Center and thank goodness I am near humans again.  For some reason my desk is never placed quite right in relation to the rest of the people working here, and I never know if the person I am transferring a call to, who is literally three feet away yet out of my line of sight, is at his desk. Everyone is so close, but a big black curtain is in the way. The only thing I can really see clearly, is the food.

Great. Like I need access to food all day long, much less facing the display of it all nicely laid out.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I know next to nothing about what’s going on around here, and as the first person that everyone sees when they walk into the production office, they ask me questions. I’ve become used to saying,

“All I do is answer phones, sorry.”

“Is Patrice here?”

-I don’t know?! Who the hell is Patrice?

“Where can I find the transportation office?”

-Ask literally anyone else.

If you know me, I typically know the answer to everything, or I will at least act like I do based on educated guesses.

I remember the first time I openly admitted that I do that.

Caroline and I were in her kitchen getting ready for dance, and she asked me a question about practice. I answered her. It was approximately our first month being on the team as freshman, and I clearly didn’t actually know the answer. It dawned on me that I needed to recant my answer.

“Actually Caroline, I have no idea. I just feel like I need to answer questions when people ask me, so…”

It was several years later that something similar happened. I was arguing with Brian about something, and after about five minutes, he proved me wrong. I instantly turned very red and became very hot. I began breathing heavily and started to sweat, taking my sweater off.

Brian looked at me, asking,

“Are you okay?!”

“Yeah, I’m just never wrong and I’m really uncomfortable right now.”


All in all, it is quite refreshing letting go of my need to know everything, and acting like a dumb idiot. Sorry, everyone, I’m too busy catching up on Hulu, blogging, emailing, and chatting on four different sites to try to actually help you. I can answer a phone, politely tell them to ‘Hold Please,’ and then hit the transfer button.  I might as well relax, this is basically paid time off.



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