The 53rd Annual Grammys, Part 2 and Brad Womack

11 Feb


Nope. Nothing awesome has happened yet. I just gave in and ate dinner (oatmeal) at work. It’s 7:10, so it looks like my dream of watching The (Horrendous) Bachelor at the gym is shattered to hell.

Speaking of The Bachelor… Brad, that is his name, right? Brad is terrible. I don’t know if he has mild facial paralysis or what, but watching his face while listening to his “emotions” is an extremely uncomfortable thing for me to do and frankly, when he is on screen, I look at something else. He creeps me out. The most normal explanation would be botox, but honestly, I really do think something is wrong with his face. Other than his gigantic Doug Funnie nose. I mean, is that even real? Did he walk into a plastic surgeons office and say,

“Hello, I would love a Doug nose, and too much botox, please. And while you’re at it, what can you do about making sure I can never express emotion through my voice?”

I really don’t like this season, not that I ever really like watching The Bachelor. Who wants to watch a bunch of girls fight over a guy? Not me.

I much prefer The Bachelorette. The guys are typically much more fun to watch.


More later.



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