I’m Wearing Pants.

4 Feb

Oops. I started doing this thing at work, where a couple people are on hold for people in my office, and I hit transfer, thinking I’m connecting them to the person they’re looking for and connect the two people on hold…

I am not good at this.

Any minute I am going to get scolded by at least three people. Why are so many people making phone calls at 9:30 am?! Spread it out, people… I don’t know what I’m doing.  All the lights blink at different speeds, and I can never remember what each one means and these people on the phone are not very nice sometimes.

Production stresses people out and makes them scary…

This day better end better than it started. I have two interviews. I’m wearing pants. Like, nice slacks. So. Hire me. I’m wearing pants.


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