Kate Thornton: Construction Worker, Miniature Rose Bush Enthusiast.

13 Jan

This was taken shortly before our accountant found out about what we were doing behind the bungalow:

Extreme Makeover: Fence Edition: SWTS Edition.

As you all know, I’m moving! And I have nothing to put in my new place except for boxes of clothes, some books, and random items I couldn’t get rid of when I left New Orleans.

To me, this is pretty awesome. I have a totally clean slate and can start from scratch decorating my new place!

I’m also completely broke.

I have been researching for days and days and days and dozens of hours online to find decorating ideas and the cheapest ways to accomplish the look I want.  I see creative ways to reuse random items that I come across all around me.

The other day, I noticed that one of the PA’s was taking apart fences behind our office. The fences were used in one of the skating rinks for something.  So I decided that I shall make a headboard out of one.

And I actually did!



It looks a little off in this photo because it is leaning up against the planks crookedly, but it’s really gorgeous in real life! I cannot wait to get it to my new studio with my new couch!

I’ll upload more pics of it once my apt. is coming along better 🙂

Tomorrow is the move in day!

Having major issues rotating this video 😦 for now… it’s upside down…


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