Hipster Tonsure.

10 Jan

Nicolas Cage. Oh Nicolas Cage…

If you don’t watch Nic Cage movies, you are missing out on some awesomely bad stuff.  Bad Lieutenant might be his best performance ever.  Nancy, Steve, Preston and I have informally begun a club centered around watching Nic Cage movies.

Friday was his latest movie release for Season of the Witch and additionally, his birthday!!  We were all very excited to see another movie that would become a Nic Cage classic, as this was a period piece from the 1300’s. YES PLEASE.

Unfortunately the movie stopped very short of being Nic Cagey. Yes there were some funny things that he said, but only once did he have a crazy yelling moment full of overacting and loud noises.  Cage had a nasty wig on, which was expected and perfect.  His BFF in the movie looked like Will Ferrell on steroids and a major jaw implant and a buzz cut, so naturally I couldn’t take him seriously for one second.

My favorite thing that I took from the movie?

Hipster tonsure.

What’s a tonsure, you ask.

A tonsure is the name of the haircut that monks wear.

Right now, hipster mustaches are in. We all know this. Whoever was responsible for making this movie accurately portray language, lexicon, hair cuts, etc. failed miserably. I was hoping that Cage would attempt an awesome accent and use cool olden words, but no. It was as if the casting director went shopping in Brooklyn and L.A. for actors, and then plopped them in 1334. Accents and haircuts stayed, awesome cloak-y cloaks were added.

The young altar boy was a true hipster. He had a partially grown in mustache, curly long hair, and pretty eyelashes and green eyes.

The monk had a tonsure. Seeing the two men together made me think that the next look for hipsters: tonsures.

I googled monk hair, and up popped pictures of Tim Tebow (graduated quarterback for UF).  It is widely known that Tebow has a very intense relationship with God. I guess this was his way of showing it off to the world for a little bit.

I can see hipsters making a play on religion and fashion with hipster tonsure. You saw it here first.


2 Responses to “Hipster Tonsure.”

  1. Erin February 3, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    tim tebow was QB for the shit hole that is UF. FSU is a glorious land of rainbows, sunshine, and hot ass non virgin Christian Ponder.
    Just fact checkin’ for you.
    I’m diggin the trend though

    • Kate Thornton February 4, 2011 at 10:00 am #

      You are absolutely right, Erin. I’ve fixed my erroneous statement… and I knew that he played for UF, too, which annoys me. Ha.

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