10 Nov

The other night I was chatting with Trish. I was driving home so my phone was in its handy-dandy phone holder on speaker phone. Everyone knows what it sounds like to talk with someone who is driving when they are talking to you and that being on speakerphone makes it worse.

Trish: So what are you doing tonight?

Me: Well, I was going to go home and crochet, but now it’s too late for that since it’s already ten pm.

Trish: OOOHhhhh!!!!!! Who’s Shane?!!??!

Me: What? Who?

Trish: Didn’t you just say you were going to go out with Shane but it’s too late now?

Me: Oh. No. I said ‘crochet…’

Poor thing. She got falsely excited that I was maybe getting some sort of semblance of a real life. Not even close but in fact much, much worse.  I’m so lazy when I get off work it’s hard for me to force myself to crochet.

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