Best Morning Ever

9 Nov

YAY!!  I’m having one of those falsely positive moments where life seems great! My body and mind have a bizarre way of working against each other. When I’m feeling great, energetic, happy, and awesome, I know to be prepared for some sort of bodily break down to occur at the wrong time that day.

When I’m feeling great my body goes “Let’s ruin this as soon as possible!” and the next time I go walk over to The Grove to walk around, or to Starbucks to throw away my hard earned money, or to the on-site Café to pay for thawed frozen tasteless bagged veggies, my legs wobble, my vision goes away a little bit, and I all of a sudden feel like I’ll wiggle onto the ground right where I am and go away. Mentally.

This of course ruins my great mood and then I get to deal with a wobbie woosky body all day.

Naturally I’m prepared to have shitty day now that I feel so good.

Why am I so happy when I have no money and am supposed to be moving any day now into an apartment I don’t have yet and might not get approved for? How can I feel so secure when my employment ends in January and then I may or may not get a job right away? How can I relax when my Tupperware was in the fridge for too long and I upset Nancy to point of her wanting to cut what little hair I have left off?

Maybe it’s the two cups of Folgers coffee (I know.) I just had or maybe it’s the idea that the future could potentially hold the best part of life I’ve yet to lead?

All I know is that today is going to SUCK for reasons I have no way of knowing yet.



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