8 Nov

Two great things happened today.

The first thing was my awesome chat with Jeff.

Jeff is the stage manager for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Jeff rocks. He grew up in Chicago with Bernie Mac doing stand up and still regularly performs in Los Angeles.  Jeff likes to match. His shoes and shirts are always the same bright, awesome colors. Sometimes even his whole outfit is the same obnoxious color, which is awesome.

Today on my way back in from lunch I asked him how one might get a job on the show he works for. Long, expensive story later, I told him that I was about to take a writing class.  He told me not to waste my money and then gave me a lot of awesome tips that I immediately wrote down when I got back to my desk. His coveted information really got me going and I started to write. The first thing he told me was that I need to find out who I am as a person. This will help me figure out my voice as a comedian.

I am a 23 year old white girl. Done. I am a comedian. JK.

Apparently I have to join the Writer’s Guild which I know is going to be expensive. Apparently in order to make money doing anything to have to spend a lot first. Grrr.

The other awesome thing was that I got a sweet, super cheesy rhinestone cell phone cover. FINALLY! Get with it Droid Incredible. Some of us want some silly phone cover options…


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