Weekly Thing That Annoys Me

11 Oct

Having to go to the bathroom at work in a very cold building when you are wearing a onesie, jumper, romper, etc. First you have to take off your scarf, then your jacket, then your sweater, then your belt, then hang those somewhere then peel off the top part and hold it around your shins and it feels like you just got completely naked just to pee, not to mention you are absolutely freezing now. Then you have to pull the sleeves back on, put the belt back on, put the sweater back on, put the jacket back on, put the scarf back on.  You really have to know your bladder if you want to attempt this outfit because, trust me, you don’t want to get caught in a situation where you’ll need to be peeing in less than 5 minutes from when you lock the stall door…


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