The Times They are A’Changin…

29 Sep

So if you’ve been following my blog you know that I’ve started my new job. What might not be so obvious is the dramatic lifestyle change I’ve undergone. From the beginning of July to the end of September, I have been obligation-free. I haven’t HAD to do anything, really. I went from having no reason to wake up in the morning (this is literal and not depressed/suicidal-ish) and therefore going to bed… whenever.  This usually meant starting to think about bedtime around midnight and then, surprise! before I knew it it was 3:30am and I would just then start getting into bed to begin my pre-sleep Hulu or illegal-internet-show watching in bed.

I love sleeping. So much. Naturally after going to bed around 5am (at my worst) I would wake up around 1pm in a haze, roll around for a few minutes, pass back out until 3pm, roll around in bed and watch some more Hulu and illegal shows, and then feel like an asshole, as you’ve read about in previous posts.  Then repeat. Every day.

This is not the case anymore.

My first alarm goes off at 6:15am. I snooze this until 6:30 and then eventually get out of bed knowing that I get an early morning steaming chai latte with some cinnamon oatmeal (while watching Hulu or illegal internet). I rather enjoy this.

I finish my latte while doing my hair and makeup.

I finish my hair and makeup in the car (I can actually see myself in the daylight, unlike Nancy’s dungeon of a room. Its always a fun surprise to see what I thought looked good until I go outside…Whoops.)

And by 8:30 I am flipping on the lights in my office, unlocking the producer’s doors, and making coffee while unloading the dishwasher in the office kitchen.

By the time I get off work and to my car, it’s 8:30pm and the last thing I want to do is go work out. Something that I’m ready to start doing again. I’m still fat(ter than I was in high school).

This leads me to one conclusion: I have to exercise before work.


WHAT!!!??? Am I an adult now?! Literally overnight I went from going to bed at 5am to waking up at 5am in order to get a workout in before work…

And the scary thing is that I’m really excited about it.  When I wake up in the morning, I feel good. I’m ready to start my day and it seems the only thing now to make it perfect is to start my long day with a wake up jog.  EEEE. In a month am I going to be married with kids? Is this how life happens?

Well, if it is I’m welcoming it with open eyes at 5am!

Ok, so on the subject of sleeping, I’ll tell a little story.

I do not have any bizarre sleeping habits. I don’t snore (I hate snoring!), I don’t sleeptalk, I don’t sleepwalk.

Most of the time…

Nancy and I have been sharing a bed. There have been some… ‘exchanges’ that happen during the night that one of us tends to remember.  One morning I woke up with Nancy’s hand perfectly cupped around my boob. I nudged her, made eye-contact, pointed at the situation with my eyes, and then she saw it, looked at me, and then rolled over.

Another time I got annoyed that she was ‘putting it on me.’ Putting what on me? ‘Everything!’ Apparently I was annoyed that she was ‘putting everything on me.’ In her sleep state, she thought she really was doing something wrong and felt bad.  Lastly, I woke up one morning and she was just staring at me with the biggest cheesy grin I’d ever seen her make, mouth wide open. Just staring.


Once upon a time Nancy and I lived in the basement of our parents home.  This was during high school times when we were still learning whether or not we liked each other, for real and not just for sisters for life.

One early morn I was sitting on the toilet, peeing.  Nancy peered her little head around the corner slowly, and looked at me, concerned.


That’s what I said when I was peeing.  I was very, very angry.  Then I went back to bed.

While I was not eating breakfast the next morning, Nancy walked up from the basement, looked at me, and asked me what the hell was wrong with me. I was all of a sudden jolted back to my angry pee feelings and asked her what the hell was wrong with her, back.

She proceeded to let me know that I had walked into her room, flipped the lights on, walked up to her as she was sleeping, put my face in hers and in a creepy, scary movie voice said, “Where is he?”

Where is who? She asked me, naturally.

“Blake. I know you have him in here. I know you are hiding him from me…” At this point I was on my hands and knees looking under her bed, in the boxes in her closet, in every single one of her drawers, and anywhere she might be hiding my 9 year old brother. I continued to mouth terrible things about her as I realized she wasn’t hiding him in her room. I didn’t know where she was hiding him.

At this, I left her room, walked to the bathroom, and peed.

The peeing woke me up, but it apparently did not discard my pure sleepwalking anger.  For Nancy had followed me, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and peered her little head slowly around the corner, catching me mid-pee.


One Response to “The Times They are A’Changin…”

  1. sister October 1, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    aaaaaghgahahahaa! miss you kate! can’t wait to return to opposite sleep schedules with you when i get home! haha (aka i’ll stay up till you wake up for work, and sleep while you are awake). we are perfect co-habitants. its my turn to be lethargic and puppy-like waiting for you to come home!

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