Feathers, Decals, Fabric, Oh My! My Discovery of L.A.’s Fashion District

11 Sep

If someone (Nancy and Preston) were to say that I lay on the couch all day, they would be wrong. Sometimes I lay in Nancy’s bed, sometimes I sit on the couch, and other times I sit at the table if I eat anything significant.  Every now and again, either one of them will poke their head into Nancy’s room where I am probably watching Mad Men illegally on my computer, and ask me a question. ‘Do you want to come with me while I pick out a suitcase?’ Yep! ‘ Do you want to come with me to a show tonight?’ Yep! ‘Do you want to come downtown with me?’ YEP! I would excitedly pop out bed.  If one of them poked their head in and asked, ‘Wanna come with me to get some toilet paper?’ or ‘Do you want to come with me to murder someone?’ or ‘Wanna help me burn down the rainforest?’ I’d grab my coupons, a knife, or a lighter and jump out of bed just to have a reason to leave the house.

Today I went downtown to L.A.’s fashion district with Nancy to help her get stuff for her Siren Assassins performance. OH MY GOD.

First of all, I really do think that if it came down to it, I could pull off anything. I think. So when I see arts and crafts in their raw(ish) form I go a little creative-crazy. My mind is instantly overloaded with images and my body buzzes with excitement.  I didn’t go there with any goals or ideas, well just one, but the minute I got there I was overcome with the need to make belts, headbands, and capes as well as adding on to every article of clothing or shoes that I have with… something.  I did good and only got one decal (for an amazing idea I have that you will all love and I will make money from) and some yarn so that I have something productive to do while I watch Mad Men all day.

I discovered my new favorite place to collect hats from. I won’t tell you where; they’re mine. All of them. I will slowly purchase each and every one.

Needless to say I love it down there. I’m hooked. Its the best thing since Forever 21, but it doesn’t even compare. Not even close. My paychecks are yours, Arts and Crafts, and Shoes, and Whatever Else I buy down there…


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