28 Aug

Driscoll’s raspberries are amazing. I mean they’re enormous, blemish-free (every single one!) and delicious. I don’t feel bad at all spending garish amounts of money on them. The only problem is that now I’m a bit weary of eating them (and mexican food from some random strip-mall in the Valley…) because I just spent the past 7 hours purging every last ounce in my body from food poisoning.

I’m a vegetarian, so its very rare that I get sick at all from something I eat (if ever?) Unless I eat 3 cartons in a row of huge raspberries that quite clearly and logically say “Rinse just before eating,” without rinsing them… Whaaattt!? I couldn’t SEE the pesticides on ’em or when they’re getting “washed away” in the water.  The raspberries looked perfectly scrumptious and I’m impatient.

Now I’m lying in Nancy’s bed in my underwear (this isn’t odd, more like, typical) after spending the majority of my day in the bathroom.  Did I mention my back/neck is acting up again and I can hardly turn my head or lift it. (I took another dance class… ) Being stuck in bed in pain, and then having the need to rip out of bed to run to the bathroom when you have little to zero strength in your back, is really unfortunate. I look like a ‘paraplegic-opposite’ with full function of my lower body and none up top, rolling sideways off the bed, onto the floor and the sliding up the wall somehow, as urgently as I can in time to barf up baby broccoli and curry. ew. and yes, that–and raspberries–was all I ate today!

I got a great job this morning, so I’m pretty confident this is Jesus’s way of saying, ‘Doo-wop! Time to get skinny, bitch.’ Thanks Jesus. Always looking out for me.  Even when it seems that life is just punishing me for not taking the time to wash my fruit, it always seems to turn out for the best, because I probably lost at least three pounds.

I tried testing the anorexia waters yesterday but 3 hours after eating a small meal of… raspberries… I rapidly became shaky and almost fainted in Wasteland (an amazing store).  So, thats not gonna work… I guess I’ll just have to try good ole fashioned eating less and working out more…


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