My Life As “The Guy on the Couch.”

25 Aug

I have officially been in LA for a week and 4 days.  This seems like a very long time to go without a job.  Although I spend time every day sending out my resume, making phone calls, etc., my day predominately consists of sleeping in until 2, laying in bed until 4 or 5, feeling like shit whenever Preston comes home at 6 and sees me still in my underwear in bed watching The Bachelor Pad on Hulu… He walked in yesterday, looked at me, and said, “You are officially ‘That Guy on the Couch… and the sad thing is, you don’t even smoke…”

On craigslist there was an ad for The Feather Store. They were looking for someone with 2 years relevant experience. I laughed thinking about all the people that would send in their resumes, chock full of experience selling buttons, yarn, and elegant balloons. Then I read that the pay was $12 an hour with great benefits, parking, and doesn’t start until 10… I began to forward them my resume until I noticed that they were searching for someone who was serious about feathers and wanted a long term commitment to the store… nope.

So here I sit. In Nancy’s bed in my underwear. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet or washed my face.  What I really want to do is lay back down and go to bed, but its 3:30 and all I’ve eaten is a string cheese.  So I’m gonna go the awesome coffee shop around the corner and get a chai latte and send my resume off into cyberspace several more times in hopes that someone finally calls me for an interview that I will probably fail.

After Preston got me out the house yesterday for my daily ‘outing,’ we swung by Chipotle so he could get a burrito. I mentioned that I wanted an ice cream milkshake from Baskin Robbins and he thought that maybe I should get a margarita. To this I replied, “No, Preston. Because then I will be ‘The Guy on the Couch Drinking Chipotle Margaritas…”


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