The Sunset Junction Incident

23 Aug

Saturday night I went to Silverlake to go to Sunset Junction.  Its a music festival on the streets with tents selling food, clothes, arts, crafts, etc. Your basic fair-type things.  After spending the afternoon at a one-year old’s birthday party, (I love that age…  and I loved being around 4 little baby-poos) Preston, Laurel,  and I arrived at the festival around 5 pm.  We wandered around, checked out all the awesome vintage clothes everywhere, and enjoyed an absolutely delicious vegan meal. Seitan? Yes please!

Until about ten pm or so, we basically just walked around, ate a little here, ate a little here, candied apples, popcorn, lattes, and if you’re Preston, cuban sandwiches.  Kara, from Fanny Pak, came and met up with us later in the evening.  At approximately 8pm, I waited in line for 45 minutes with Laurel to get (unbeknownst to us) nasty tequila drinks while Preston and Kara wandered off.  Tequila drinks in hand, Laurel and I decided to sit on the curb and people watch/listen to the live music on the stage nearby.  As we are critiquing people’s hilarious taste in clothing, I look over at Laurel, with blood all over my face, and say, “Uh… Is my nose bleeding?!”  Laurel immediately ran off to find napkins somewhere as I sit, basically brain dead, with blood pouring out of my nose.  Instead of pinching it shut, I just cup my hands while it pours.  Then it finally hits me, this is the wrong maneuver! I bring my hands up to my face to pinch my nose shut  while the pool of blood that has accumulated in my hands drips all down my fingers, hands, and arms and then subsequently smear it all over my face. By the time Laurel gets back with napkins, I have successfully blended in with the cast from True Blood after eating a werewolf.  ‘Yay!’ I think. There’s nothing like getting an intense nose bleed during a music festival in L.A. to scream “I’ve been on a 3 month cocaine binge!”

So, I think I officially initiated myself into the culture down here.

At this point Preston and Kara finally come back and we slowly make our way toward the exit and to our car.  During the walk back we laughed and laughed and laughed about ‘getting dinner now’ after spending the whole day eating. That would be crazy! Oh how we laughed….. and then Preston and I ordered and extra-large pizza from Papa John’s on the way home…. We rationalized somehow that we, in fact, hadn’t actually consumed that many calories or real sustenance and that all we’d eaten was an apple and fake vegan food.  There’s nothing like an extra-large pizza for dinner to end a day of eating… Needless to say it was delicious.


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