So Much to Post, So Much Time to Be Able to Post

17 Aug

Although I actually have had a significant amount of free time since moving to LA, I have enough time to not feel like I need to blog.  I went on my first open call audition, I mean, interview today… I felt like I was auditioning to be a sophisticated stripper, huge sparkly earrings included. I’m pretty sure I will not get a call back. Did I mention this was for a bartending job? It would be really convenient if I got a job my second day in town, 5 blocks from my current apartment… Sounds like something that might happen to me. Lets hope.

On to more EXCITING NEWS!! I went to an improv Olympic show last night with Nancy and Preston. Whenever I watch shows, I get really nervous and initimidated… Until they start performing and then I can’t wait to get up there and perform myself! I’m going to check out some more shows soon.

And thank god for my Droid Incredible phone, complete with the best Navigation system EVER. I got a phone dock for my car and can pretty much get anywhere I need to go. Nancy is actually more panicked about me being on my own than I am. I dropped her off at a dance class yesterday and then went to Starbucks to prepare/send resumes and when she met me back at Starbucks she told me that she had panicked all class that I:

lost my phone, or,

forgot my phone at home, and,

ran out of gas

started panicking

and then…?

I don’t know what she thought was going to happen, but I survived.

I think it was good that we spent a week in Minnesota together before we came here because it was a nice transition from vacation to permanent.

Right after Nancy and I boarded the Fly-Away bus to where her car was parked I quietly exclaimed to her, “I can’t wait to nest!” This is when her facial expression locked into a straight stare and didn’t end until the next day. It was absolutely hilarious/terrifying watching her watch me unpack.   I’m a nester. Once I get to a hotel room, a friend’s house, a vacation rental, I unpack and settle in.  Nancy had so sweetly cleared off the couch in her room for my suitcases to stay during my time in her apartment. In her mind I was going to live out of my suitcases. LOL. Right off the plane I had us stop by Big Lots and Target so I could perfectly organize and incorporate my stuff with hers. Half of her closet, new plastic purple 5-drawer dresser, jewelry organizer, under the bed shoe organizer, and four adorable bathroom baskets later, I had completed my nesting phase. She sat on her bed and stared at me, wide-eyed, while I unpacked what we now call my “essentials.” Valentino red belt. ESSENTIAL. Internet Modem. ESSENTIAL. Three barreled crimper that I have used once after I got it 3 years ago. ESSENTIAL. A letter “K” in pearls that I found in a boutique in New Orleans. ESSENTIAL. 67 tops and 16 bottoms. ESSENTIAL. 10 pairs of shoes. ESSENTIAL! How did she expect me to move to L.A. without each and every one of these things?


2 Responses to “So Much to Post, So Much Time to Be Able to Post”

  1. Rikki August 17, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    I laughed so hard reading this… I can picture Nancy’s face and reaction to all of this! I would be doing the same! Haha

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