Secret Prank on Blake

17 Aug

Picture this:

Rikki, Blake, Nancy, my mom and myself sitting in a pitch-black room in Wisconsin at midnight, watching the lightning during a storm.  Every now and again the lightning lights up the room and only then can we make out what is going around us in the room.  A few minutes before this my mom declares, “Thank god Nancy is sleeping through this. I’m going to go wake her up.” Nancy had gone to bed early, sick.  So Nancy is wrapped in a blanket on a rocking chair to the left of the room while Rikki, Blake, and I sit criss cross applesauce on the carpet, Mom behind.

Rikki, the cell phone capturer of special moments, asks my mom to take a photo of us watching the storm.

This is when it starts.

Blake decides he’s going to prank me by posing in a way (I still don’t know what he was going for, sexy jock?) behind me so that we would see the photo and laugh. Remember, we can’t see each other because its pitch black until the flash goes off or lightning strikes. Little does Blake know, I’m pulling a prank on him..

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