Driving to the Island Between the Rivers

22 Jul


Nancy’s boyfriend, Steve, sleep shopping on e-bay.


This is a photo of Nancy snuggling with her steering wheel, oh, I mean, driving.



Today we went to Sauvie’s Island, which isn’t actually an island. There are two rivers that almost completely surround it, so I suppose it is almost technically surrounded by water. Blake and I were passing a football and teaching me how to throw the ball farther by twisting my upper body and using that force to throw the ball.  My boob flew farther out of my bathing suit top than the football traveled and Blake, Nancy, Steve and I all got a laugh out of it, especially because I have a habit of never wearing a top.  This morning Blake walked upstairs after waking up, takes one look at me and says, ” God, why do you never have a shirt on!?” I usually have a reason: its hot, I feel skinnier, I feel too fat, and that morning I didn’t want to get chocolate on my shirt.


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