Top Ten Places I’ll Miss in NOLA

17 Jul

1. Monkey Hill Bar: Okay so I worked there.  Not only do I love every single person I worked with, but I also drank at really awesome prices… I really lucked out not only being lucky enough to getting a job there but also to love it and the people around me. Miss you Lauren H., Angela, Mandy, Carlos, Shelly, Austen, Ashley, Lauren L., Jen, Constance, Mike B., Mike V., Rudy, Josh, and Tracy!

2. U.A.L:  Couture and designer clothing at unbelievable prices!! Ecclectic, funky, and actually exciting shopping. Another place I have worked at and loved! A must see for shopping and located in the heart of the French Quarter on Chartres St. Go see my friends Erica, Brian, Amanda, Lauren, and Sasha!!

3. The French Quarter:  I somehow managed to work almost every job I had in college on the same three blocks in the FQ.  Some days I would stroll around on my lunch break and think, “I live in New Orleans. I work in the French Quarter. This is my home!?” and feel very lucky and proud that I’d be able to tell my children and grandchildren of my life here.

4.  Magazine Street : Fun, affordable shopping with not a mall in sight! Coffee shops, boutiques, amazing restaurants, and great New Orleans architecture.  You’ll need a car though… the street is a total of 6 miles long! Starting (or ending, depending on which way you’re going) at the French Quarter and ending at Audubon Park and the Zoo (and Monkey Hill Bar :).

5. Community Coffee: Some might say this is the Starbucks of the South, but I wouldn’t be so rude as to say that. I think Starbucks tastes like water.  CC’s saved me almost every morning, thank goodness there happened to be one across the street or around the corner of every job I ever had there, not to mention the one inside my college.  Yummy yummy coffee!

6. Audubon Park:  Imagine jogging on a paved loop around a golf course, ponds, artwork, gazebos and children playing on jungle gyms while their parents barbeque nearby.  Before you know it you’ve run 2 miles!  A gorgeous park located between Magazine Street and Loyola University on St. Charles Avenue.

7. The Bulldog:  I spent approximately 3 years here at least every other day, if not more…  There’s something about the seemingly unlimited draft options of ice cold, frothy beer that really made me happy.  Plus, its located on Magazine Street, and we’ve already covered that…

8. The Marigny: A lovely, offset neighborhood right next to the French Quarter, home to Frenchman St.  I’ve had many a night here, dancing, drinking, listening to music and wandering from bar to bar to restaurant.  I bought a huge sugar cookie from a man with a table set up on Fat Tuesday this year that I’ll never forget.

9. Pat O’Briens: Pretty much the only place in the French Quarter, other than Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shoppe (Special Shoutout!) that I’ll go to… Piano bar, patio seating, and 4 other bars within the compound that is Pat O’s, this is the best place to go for any special occasion!!

10. The Goldmine: I know, I know. You either love it or you hate it. But… I loved it.  I admit it.  Always a crazy time. Drinks in the cab on the way to Pat O’s and then a couple hurricanes in you stumble into this dark cave for some sweaty dancing and Dr. Pepper shots that, at this point, are quite easy to take!


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