Bend. The city, not the move.

16 Jul

I’m laying in a twin bed in Central Oregon.  Spending three nights here, I packed for maybe one.  Thank goodness Rikki and Blake drive up tomorrow with all of the things I forgot. Like underwear… oops.  My mother’s parents have been here for three weeks, vacationing from the hot Phoenix-in-July weather.  Once walking in the door I am offered wine and cookies. Wine please! Still full from Taco Bell… oops again.  I update my grandparents, Nana and Papa, on my most recent adventures and my future plans to which they are surprisingly really excited about.  My grandmother grew up in Hollywood and loves that two of her granddaughters will now reside there.

The window is open in my bedroom and I cannot fathom how I ever go a day without this smell.  Oregon in the summer at night smells like everything-is-perfect.  On the drive up here I inhaled camping smoke, pine trees, creek water, and pure, clean air.  Ahhhhhh. One whole month is starting to feel like only a month.

During the car ride home from the pool yesterday, I got some great material for future times.  Thank goodness for my family. You cannot make up the stuff that happens to us.  I think they’re at the point now where they just do certain things in order to make me laugh so that I will write it down and turn it into a sketch or a joke one day.  At least 30 times a day I hear, “Kate! Write that down! Write that down!” I can only hope that I can make their dreams come true once mine do…


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