15 Jul

Hi everyone! I’m sitting by the pool in the shade at Columbia Edgewater Country Club right outside of Portland, Oregon; a gorgeous golf course and club that my parents are members at.  Long story short, I’m drunk.  I’m pretty sure the sun has found it’s way onto my skin even though I’m under a tent.  That’s the thing with having milky white skin accompanied by red hair and blue eyes…  PAUSE.  My little sister just asked me if I have heard the story yet about our old neighbor from Forest Heights. Pink dress-wearing mom goes “Dallaloop! Dallalope! Dallaloop! Dallalope!” (mimicking a computer chat noise.) “What was that noise, mom?!” Rikki asks, eating a BLT with curly fries.  “That was the sound while she was giving head!” This is one half of my family, including me. Normal.  While spacing out and typing this, my ears picking up something about pot and amphetamines in the voices next to me. Love them. My mom just turned 50. Rikki just turned 21. Lets just say my mother gave birth to her 3 best friends.

WAY off subject.  I just spent 5 and a half years in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I went to college at 18. Arriving 5 days before Hurricane Katrina, I have been a resident of the Big Easy ever since.  Destruction, depression, rebuilding, living, working, Superbowl winning, oil spilling.  Three days ago I moved away.  Currently I am visiting my family and LOVING it. On August 5th I leave for ten days to Minnesota and from Minnesota, destination: Los Angeles.  I have seven boxes, a car, and a temporary shared bedroom with my older sister awaiting my arrival.


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